Lindell starts off by saying right out of the gate that the reason he’s being shut down by Twitter and others is that he has “all the evidence” of voting machines being tampered with. Now, if you’ve been following this bullshit fascism under the guise of election fraud, you will know that companies like Newsmax have had to very intensely walk back their parroting of these lies because Dominion, the owners of the voting machines whose name has been tarnished with fact-free statements by right-wing pundits and operators across the country, is threatening lawsuits and suing. And because there is no evidence of the claims that people like Mike Lindell and others have made, Dominion’s case is excellent.

The guy news host interrupts Lindell very quickly to remind him that “We at Newsmax have not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations. We just want you to know that there is nothing substantive there.” This happens while Lindell does his impression of Foghorn Leghorn stuttering, but the host is not done. In fact, he has a thing he now has to read in order for Newsmax to not have all of their fire-filled pants sued off of them.

“The election results in every state were certified and Newsmax accepts the results as legal and final. The courts have also supported that view.”

Wowsers. Newsmax’s brown-haired host then attempts to give Mr. Pillow the parameters of what he can talk about: “We wanted to talk with you about canceling culture [sic], if you will.” But Mr. Lindell willn’t. He continues trying to talk over the hosts, clearly angry at this turn of events, as the Newsmax squad talk over his continued false allegations of conspiracy. It’s sort of remarkable to watch and ends with a perfect button.

The host asks his producer on air “if we can get out of this,” meaning can they cut the interview off. The blonde news host then cuts in trying to ask “if we can talk about this,” and the guy host walks off the set. 

It made my day.