LaCrosse, Wis. – Pro-labor populist U.S. Senate candidate Tom Nelson today at an Amazon Warehouse in LaCrosse once again called on Sarah Godlewski to fire her union busting pollster. Global Strategies Group was hired by Amazon to try to prevent the unionization of Amazon employees in New York, Godlewski is a client of the polling firm and has paid them over $126,000 (see payments in 2021 and 2022).

Nelson has made labor and economic issues a cornerstone of his campaign, last year writing his book One Day Stronger, detailing his efforts with the local union to save a century-old paper mill and hundreds of family-supporting jobs in Outagamie County.

Nelson called on Godlewski to sever her ties with Global Strategy Group and also expressed disappointment that no other Senate candidate has stood up for the Amazon workers:

“It is shocking that anyone in the Democratic party would hire union-busting consultants, especially when they claim to come from a union family. While SEIU, MoveOn and the League of Conservation voters have severed their ties, Sarah Godlewski still retains their services and has been silent about their work for Amazon. It is also disappointing that none of my fellow candidates has also bothered to stand up for Amazon workers as well, despite claiming solidarity with labor unions. If the Democratic Party is going to reclaim its reputation as the party of the people, we need to be clear we are on the side of Christian Smalls and workers, not Jeff Bezos.”

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