A multimillion-dollar-winning Powerball ticket bought at a Circle K in Perris last year is set to expire on Monday.

The owner of the ticket has not been found but store workers have a feeling of who it can be.

“When we see him in the camera we know him,” said Tamer Zaky, a clerk at the Circle K.

Zaky says Lottery officials sent the store the exact time the ticket was bought and so they checked the surveillance video and recognized the winner who was once a regular customer.

“Short guy, little bit fat, always wearing hat,” Zaky said.

Zaky also said that after the man bought the ticket he stopped coming to the store and they never saw him again.

The ticket is worth $2,226,031 and will expire on Monday if it is not brought forward by the owner who bought it.

The winning ticket was from the Powerball draw and matched five of the six winning numbers from Oct. 27, 2021.

If nobody claims the ticket by Monday then the prize money will go toward supporting public schools in California which is in line with the Lottery’s mission.

Lottery money going unclaimed is not a new thing. It has happened multiple times in the past.

“A billion dollars has gone unclaimed in the state of California,” said Carolyn Becker, a Lottery spokesperson.

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