Rep. Neil Friske is one of the most conservative pro-Trump members of the Michigan House of Representatives, and last night was arrested for alleged assault in the state capital, Lansing.

Immediately the accusation was salacious: the mainstream media claimed that Rep. Friske fired gunshots at a stripper shortly before 3 A.M. after a dispute. The implication was that Rep. Friske met the woman at a south Lansing strip club, Deja Vu, and brought her home for sex, and then during a dispute started shooting at her and chased her down the road. This was what the media pushed through its disinformation networks.

But of course none of that is true.

Friske has told several sources that he was awoken at his home to a 3 A.M. robbery, saw an intruder, and started shooting. The robber was trying to take a briefcase as they fled, and the briefcase was left by the police on the lawn of his residence. Friske said it was likely the briefcase was simply left by police on the lawn. He was arrested and has been unable to make any public statement so far.

The media ran with a bogus, obviously-untrue story, because it hurt a conservative and they knew Friske was silenced by virtue of being in jail.

Friske is widely known in Lansing to never drink alcohol, and is known as a soft spoken, pleasant, and upstanding legislator. The idea that he would be drunkenly paying a hooker at 3 A.M. and then shooting her in the street is completely out of character.

Here are left-wing fake news disinformation outlets that are quietly changing their story: Detroit Free Press, MLive, Bridge Magazine, Detroit News.

But the damage was done. The smear has been made. The narrative has been set. Friske, unable to offer any other side to the story because he was being held without bail, has been unable to say anything while the media spun these lies against him.

The lies started with unreliable and dishonest MIRS News, which is a Capitol-focused blog whose audience is almost exclusively legislators, quoted anonymous sources as saying the Friske incident involved a stripper.

Other media outlets then quoted MIRS and amplified the smear campaign across the nation.

Several outlets have not yet updated their smear stories: The Daily Mail and the New York Post.

Now, none are admitting that they spread these lies and are quietly updating their stories.

In the public’s mind, the reputational damage has been done. Here are some lying left-wing accounts that are now spreading the MSM’s original lies about Rep. Friske:

And his colleagues in the House Republican Caucus have been cowardly and conspicuously quiet.

This is an ongoing disinformation campaign to affect not just one election, but also to flip the elections in favor of Democrats who are polling horribly in Michigan. Several Lansing insiders claim that this is what real ‘election interference’ looks like: media smear campaigns encouraged by billionaire elites who cover their tracks using dishonest reporters like Craig Mauger at the Detroit News.

What’s going on is that the House Republican Leadership led by RINO Matt Hall has a common interest with the far-left: purging conservatives from the legislature. Instead of trying to win just one more seat to gain a majority, RINO Matt Hall has been busy recruiting primary challengers to the most conservative representatives, including Friske.

RINO House GOP Leader Matt Hall

Matt Hall has so far refused to comment on any of the Friske stories.

RINO Matt Hall was accused of domestic violence, which was documented on audio later leaked to the Gateway Pundit, and all charges were dropped. Insiders say Hall has also been able to get DUI’s dropped and cleared off of his record quietly in addition to a wide variety of other alleged crimes.

RINO Matt Hall and his big money RINO establishment money funders like Betsy DeVos recruited RINO Parker Fairbairn to run against Friske. RINO Fairbairn has used far-left talking points and votes Friske took against Democrat bills to argue that he isn’t a good Republican. Establishment Republicans have been gleefully repeating this smear against Friske for multiple motives, including anger at Friske for standing by Kristina Karamo during the past 18 months of state party drama and infighting.

Fairbairn’s family are close personal friends with Betsy DeVos. DeVos and her employees are the main funders of Fairbairn.

RINO Parker Fairbairn challenging Neil Friske

A small group of liberal billionaires, largely led by Betsy DeVos, control the Republican Party funding in Michigan.

Now the RINO-recruited primary challenger gets to benefit from the media’s smear campaign against Friske to defeat him in the Republican primary.

Millions of dollars in media power has been spent to influence Friske’s primary race, and the quiet corrections the media does to its massive defamation and disinformation campaign won’t change people’s faulty first impressions.

The media smear campaigns never start against the far-left, only against legislators like Neil Friske who have 100% conservative voting records.

Nobody cares about the truth of the matter, which is that Friske is innocent and that these charges come from notoriously corrupt County and law enforcement in Michigan.

Ingham County is also where the 2020 Trump electors are being prosecuted on made-up charges where certifying the slate of alternative electors is being falsely compared to a criminal law charge for check fraud.

What is known is that the Ingham County law enforcement are some of the most corrupt in the state, the judges in Ingham County are some of the most political in the state, and the far-left has been weaponizing itself against conservatives for years.

By the evening of the day they busily defamed and smeared Friske, the lying liberal media was already quietly covering its tracks, covering up their slimy sleazy stories, and changing their tune.

Friske has still not been brought before a judge and arraigned, he is scheduled to do so Friday at noon. Friske was prevented from attending session of the Michigan legislature and was unable to vote on Wednesday.

Even friends of Friske were slow to come to his defense, saying that they wanted to wait for police reports to come out, or for ‘all the facts to emerge.’

Democrats control the Michigan House by one vote, 56-54.

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