The existential threat of manmade global warming continues to threaten Americans. The number of Americans who died last year from global warming/climate change hit another plateau last year with Zero deaths matching the previous year’s number.

Now researchers at the once-acclaimed Dartmouth College are suggesting the global warming is causing more home runs.

They won’t stop with this nonsense until they collapse the US energy sector.

Who pays for this nonsense, China? They certainly benefit from this nonsense. They get more windmill contracts.

CNS News reported:

A new Dartmouth study concludes that climate change, in the form of global warming, has been increasing the number of home runs hit in Major League Baseball (MLB) games.

“[C]ould baseball be on the cusp of a “climate-ball” era where higher temperatures due to global warming increasingly determine the outcome of a game? A new Dartmouth study suggests it may be,” Dartmouth says on the university’s website.

The study, “Global warming, home runs, and the future of America’s pastime,” published Friday in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, concludes that climate change has produced more than five hundred extra home runs since 2010.

The study’s researchers go on to predict that several hundred additional home runs will be hit – per season – due to climate change, in the years to come.

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