Major League Baseball season comes with the most chances for betting action of any sport. With each team playing 162 games, there are endless opportunities to get involved with wagering on America’s pastime. With the rise in legal sports betting, you also have more options than ever in terms of what to bet on during each baseball game, from single-game wagers to elaborate props and futures.

Here, we take a look at the different types of MLB picks that can be made, and give you advice on the best bets in Major League Baseball. Our team of expert MLB handicappers have the experience and the knowledge to help you increase your chances of turning a profit in MLB betting across a number of MLB betting markets.

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What Is The Best Way To Wager Using Our MLB Picks?

The best way to wager using our MLB picks is to do so responsibly, with a solid bankroll management strategy. Even the best expert MLB picks don’t win all the time, so it’s important to do everything you can to avoid betting recklessly so as to preserve your bankroll and make it last in between the winning streaks that can come with sports betting.

In terms of the best bankroll management strategies, it’s usually best to wager the same amount on each wager you place. That amount should typically be somewhere between 1% to 3% of your overall bankroll, which is the overall amount of funds that you’ve allocated to sports betting. Doing this will help eliminate the pain that comes with variance, as losing streaks don’t hurt as badly when betting responsibly.

It’s also important that you should never chase losses by betting bigger amounts after a loss. Each outcome in sports betting is completely independent of the one before it, and betting bigger amounts after a loss will never guarantee that the next bet will be a winner. Sticking to a flat amount for each wager is the best way to go instead.

MLB Picks This Week

With baseball season up and running, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved with our MLB picks this week. Our expert MLB picks come from handicappers who fully understand the game of baseball and have taken the time to examine each roster to identify its strengths and weaknesses. In doing so, they’ve performed the necessary analysis to win long-term at baseball betting, so that you don’t have to do that research.

This week, there are plenty of marquee matchups on the diamond, as the most exciting teams in the league take the field. With teams like the Dodgers, Astros, and Blue Jays all sporting incredibly potent lineups this year, there’s no shortage of exciting action to be had on the diamond and at the sportsbook of your choice.

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MLB Picks – Total Runs

One of the most popular betting markets on which to make MLB picks is the total runs market. Also known as the over/under market, this type of bet asks you to determine how much scoring will take place in a Major League Baseball game. With so many more factors at play in baseball over/unders than in the same market in other sports, MLB totals are incredibly interesting to keep an eye on.

For example, two teams could play in a MLB game with the total set at 8.5 runs. In that case, the combined run total for both teams would need to be eight or fewer in order for the under to be the winning side. If both teams combined for nine or more runs, on the other hand, the over would be the winning bet.

There are so many things that can influence whether the over or under hits in a given baseball game. The first of those factors is the pitching on both sides, as starting pitching and the bullpen of each team can either shut down the opposing offenses or give up enough runs to send a game over the total. In addition to the overall quality of the pitching staffs, how they match up with individual hitters on the other side is something you should look out for.

Other factors that can impact scoring in baseball are the dimensions of each park along with the weather for each game. Some stadiums have shorter outfield fences than others or more foul territory than others, which can make it easier or more difficult to get hitters out. Wind can also play a huge role in baseball totals, as it’s got the potential to either blow the ball farther or help keep more balls in the field of play.

Moneyline MLB Picks

Moneyline betting is the most easy to understand form of MLB picks. In this market, your goal is to simply pick which team is going to win each game in Major League Baseball. While this market is the easiest to understand, it is not easy to turn a profit given that you have to navigate a unique odds structure in order to come away with a payout.

In MLB picks markets like the over/under, the odds tend to be somewhere in the neighborhood of -110 on each side of that market. That isn’t the case for the moneyline, though, as the favorite and underdog can each have wildly different odds. The odds in the moneyline market are dependent on the perceived gap in talent between the two teams taking part in each game.

The heavier a favorite is on the moneyline, the more that you’ve got to risk in order to win your desired payout amount. For example, a team that’s a heavy favorite may have odds of -300 to win a game, meaning you’d have to risk $300 to turn a profit of $100. A less convincing favorite may only have odds of -120, where a $120 bet would turn that same $100 profit.

Underdogs work the same way, as bigger underdogs yield a larger payout than those anticipated to put up a better fight. For example, a heavier underdog could have odds of +250 in a single game, where a $100 bet would yield a $250 profit. On the other hand, you could have an underdog with a price like +110, where a $100 bet yields a $110 profit.

While favorites are always an alluring play, given they’re deemed to be the team in a better position to win, you don’t want to lay big moneyline odds in baseball. In baseball, even the best teams in the league lose at least 50 games in a season. That means laying a big price always has the potential to result in a loss, when there could be better value elsewhere on the board.

MLB Parlays Picks

Parlays are becoming an increasingly popular way to bet on the game of baseball, as you can combine multiple MLB picks into one ticket. With parlays, the odds of each of your MLB picks amplify one another to create the potential for huge payouts. The only problem is that every one of your MLB picks needs to be correct in order for your parlay ticket to cash.

There are a number of different ways to create parlay tickets, with the same game parlay becoming one of the most popular forms of betting of late. With a same game parlay, you can wager on multiple betting markets within one game to create a parlay ticket. You can combine markets such as the result of the game, the over/under, and prop bets that are specific to player performance to create these types of tickets.

You can also stick to the more traditional parlay options in which you combine bets from multiple games into one ticket. These can also consist of multiple teams to simply win their games, or involve over/under bets and props if you wish to go that route. Parlays offer a ton of flexibility, though you should be careful as they’re harder to win than single-leg wagers.

MLB Picks Against The Spread – Run Line MLB Picks

The run line is the MLB equivalent to a point spread wager. Here, sportsbooks like Betway or Draftkings will designate one team as the favorite and the other as the underdog on the run line. The favorite typically lays 1.5 runs, meaning that amount is subtracted from their score if you bet on them. On the other hand, the underdog often has 1.5 runs added to their score if you bet on that side.

In run line betting, the question is most often whether the favorite will win by two or more runs, or if the underdog can either win or lose by one run. This can often boil down to whether or not the bullpen of each team can keep its opponent in check well enough to cover this number. As a result, it can really pay to know everything about a pitching staff from top to bottom when getting involved with runlines.

Best MLB Picks for the Regular Season

Our MLB handicappers provide the best MLB picks throughout the regular season. They keep tabs on the pitching matchups for each contest to make sure you’re getting value based on which pitchers are on the mound each day. They also look at which players are set to be in the lineup each day so you aren’t caught off-guard betting on a team that’s resting its biggest star in a game.

In addition to single-game wagers, our team of baseball experts also recommends props and futures wagers when there’s value in the marketplace to do so. Futures wagers allow you to place one bet that lasts for an extended portion of the season, sometimes all the way through the World Series. We look at those, in addition to each individual game, to identify opportunities to get involved with those markets regularly.

MLB Playoff Picks

The playoffs are the part of the MLB season where everything means just a little bit more. Our MLB picks for the postseason take into account the strategic differences between the regular season and playoffs to provide the most value possible in October. For example, teams can have completely different bullpen strategies during the playoffs, which we take into account when giving you our MLB picks.

By and large, the same betting markets are available during the playoffs and the regular season. The big difference is the strategies teams use during the postseason, which have to be considered carefully. Identifying which teams throw pitchers on short rest and which give starting pitchers shorter and longer leashes in the playoffs can be the difference between profits and losses in this part of the year.


As you can see, there’s a ton to consider when making MLB picks from Opening Day to the final game of the World Series. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with expert MLB picks that cover everything from April to October.

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