One percenter, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), accused Democrats of bribing voters by canceling student loan debt.

Romney tweeted:

Do you know who would have to pay a wealth tax? Sen. Mitt Romney. The Utah Senator has had some noble moments, like voting to convict at Trump’s impeachment trial and voting for Supreme Court Justice Jackson, but tweets such as this one remind us of who Mitt Romney is.

Mitt Romney is the same man who said, “corporations are people too, my friend,” at a presidential debate.

Sen. Romney sees no need to help 43 million Americans by removing some of the unnecessary student debt burden from their shoulders.

Fundamentally, Romney’s tweet represents the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties. Democrats are trying to help people. They are constantly thinking about ways to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible.

Republicans have a negative view of almost anyone who is not rich. Republicans work to protect the wealthy and corporations at all costs.

Mitt Romney saw nothing wrong with bribing the wealthy and corporations via a tax cut for the rich, but an effort to help regular people get keep their heads above water in these difficult times is called bribery.

Sen. Romney needs to understand that doing what is right is not an election year stunt.


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