MILWAUKEE – Today Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson and County Supervisors Peter Burgelis, Ryan Clancy, Felesia Martin, Juan Miguel Martinez, Shawn Rolland, Liz Sumner, Kathleen Vincent, and Sheldon Wasserman released the following statement in support of the Milwaukee Brewers hosting their annual Pride Night on Wednesday, June 8:

“We proudly support the Milwaukee Brewers and Aurora Health Care for supporting Pride Night and our region’s LGBTQ+ community. Communities support and advocate for local private businesses, especially when those private businesses seek to grow their revenues by attracting new audiences and customers. Now, some fringe political pundits are bashing our Milwaukee Brewers for hosting a Pride Night to engage and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and their allies, friends and neighbors. 

We encourage our friends and neighbors to reach out to the Milwaukee Brewers and to Aurora Health Care to thank them for doing what’s right for the community, what’s right for business, and what’s right for baseball. And if you’re free, consider attending tomorrow’s game to ‘root, root, root for the Brewers,’ and cheer for a more inclusive community.”

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