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WEST ALLIS, Wisc. –  Previewing his speech this weekend to the Republican Party of Wisconsin State Convention, Wisconsin businessman, veteran, and outsider Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim Michels will announce a major policy proposal. In his speech, Michels will propose that in future years the August partisan primary for the fall elections should be moved to April.

“As your governor, I promise to be bold and move our primary from August to April. We need to devote less time to beating each other up and more time making our case against the Democrats,” Michels will say in prepared remarks.

In 2011, the presidential primary date was moved to April and the primary election date for other partisan offices was moved from September to August. The late primary benefits insiders and incumbent lawmakers of both parties, limiting the length of the General Election season. It leaves challengers with less time to focus on ousting career politicians and changing the status quo.

“I’m tired of Republicans fighting in public, letting the media fuel the fight,” Michels will also say.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin’s annual convention will be held in Middleton, and Michels is scheduled to speak on Saturday afternoon.

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