Michael Peterson and his children are still trying to find some sense of normalcy after losing Kathleen Peterson 20 years ago.

So no, he and his four kids, Margaret, Martha, Todd and Clayton, won’t be watching the HBO Max adaptation of The Staircase documentary. “I was there when she died,” he told This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield on May 25. “I definitely do not want to watch a fictionalized account, seeing her die three times.”

Michael said that his children told him they didn’t “even think of watching” the series when they first heard about it, saying that they’re still trying to move on after becoming public figures through his murder trial. “They suffered more than I did,” he said, adding that their stepmother’s death is going to live with them “forever” but they still want the attention to die down. As he told Holly and Phil, “They don’t want this in their lives anymore.”

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