INDIANAPOLIS – Two members of a high-profile drug ring that operated in Indianapolis learned their sentences.

According to the Department of Justice, 33-year-old Jovan Stewart and 45-year-old Dwyatt Harris were members of a methamphetamine and heroin trafficking group that operated in Indianapolis from summer 2019 through March 2020.

Stewart was sentenced to 250 months (nearly 21 years) while Harris was sentenced to 120 months (10 years). Both pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and will serve time in federal prison. After serving their sentences, they’ll have five years of supervised release.

Stewart and Harris were part of a group led by Christopher Tate. Federal prosecutors said Tate coordinated the delivery of meth and heroin from different sources and organized distribution in the Indianapolis area.

Tate was sentenced to 400 months (more than 33 years) in federal prison after being convicted in a jury trial. Federal prosecutors described Stewart as Tate’s “top lieutenant,” driving his boss to distribute drugs and coordinating the supply with him. He also made deliveries at Tate’s direction.

Harris was characterized as a “lower-level” member of the group. He transported drugs from Indianapolis to Sandra Kellogg in Silver Lake (Kosciusko County). Kellogg, one of Tate’s methamphetamine distributors, was sentenced to 288 months (24 years) for her role.

The investigation into the drug operation led to indictments and convictions for 13 people. Tate’s group was one of the focuses of a large-scale raid in March 2020 in which federal and local agencies served search warrants at various locations around Indianapolis.

The investigation into the Tate drug ring involved the DEA, IRS Criminal Investigation, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Drug Task Force and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

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