“We wanted to craft fragrances that would capture our memories and fantasies,” begins Ignatova, CMO and Co-Founder of By Far. “To achieve this, we invited three world-renowned perfumers, Fanny Bal, Jean-Christophe Hérault, and Caroline Dumur, to bring our vision to life. Each fragrance oil is handmade in Grasse (a Unesco World Heritage site in the South of France famed as the cradle of perfumery) and is an alluring testament to the rigorous craftsmanship of these three talented perfumers.” Drawing from their heritage as an accessory brand aiming to create beautiful and sustainable products, the brand’s goal to, “create a revolutionary product that combines craftsmanship, sustainable ingredients, and product design,” led to the fashion-forward development of the line’s portable and refillable fragrance charm bottles.

In other words, By Far has created a way from fragrance to be completely visible to the eye, transporting its wearer from private to public spaces through the simple act of attaching the charm bottles to a bag or a belt loop as a unique form of self expression. While the uniqueness of this fragrance line truly does speak for itself through its unmatched combination of style and functionality, it has also set itself apart from others thanks to the collection’s dedication to sustainable practices.

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