March Madness is back. Say it again, now: March Madness is back.

It’s different from previous iterations, surely. It won’t not be as grandiose either, with fan attendance limited because of COVID-19. But for the first time in two years, the NCAA will get back to the business of crowning a national champion in the single greatest postseason in American sports.

And that year off is going to make all the difference when the ball tips off in Indiana; as the saying goes, you don’t realize how much you’ll miss something till it’s gone.

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Storylines and enticing matchups abound in the 2021 NCAA Tournament, which will take place entirely — appropriately, even — in the state of Indiana. There’s a lot to unpack, but Sporting News is here to make sure you know everything there is to know about March Madness. That includes full schedule, TV and streaming info, dates, site information and more:

March Madness live bracket: How to watch, stream

The NCAA Tournament will broadcast across several stations: CBS, TBS, TNT and truTV. The primary outlet for live-streaming 2021 NCAA Tournament games is March Madness Live. You can also stream games live by signing up for fuboTV.

Below is a round-by-round breakdown of what stations will broadcast games:

RoundTV channelLive stream
First FourTBS, truTVNCAA March Madness Live
Round 1CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTVNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV
Round 2CBS, TBS, TNT, TruTVNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV
Sweet 16CBS, TBSNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV
Elite EightCBS, TBSNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV
Final FourCBSNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV
National championshipCBSNCAA March Madness Live, fuboTV

Printable 2021 NCAA Tournament bracket

You can get an updated, printable NCAA Tournament bracket here to fill out. SN will update the bracket throughout March Madness.

NCAA Tournament schedule 2021

Below is a full rundown on the sites and locations of the NCAA Tournament, which will take place entirely in Indiana:

*Indicates venue will host only first-round games

First FourMarch 18West Lafayette, Ind.Mackey Arena
  Bloomington, Ind.Assembly Hall
Rounds 1-2March 19-22West Lafayette, Ind.Mackey Arena*
  Bloomington, Ind.Assembly Hall*
  IndianapolisBankers Life Fieldhouse
  Hinkle Fieldhouse
  Indiana Farmers Coliseum
  Lucas Oil Stadium
Sweet 16March 27-28IndianapolisBankers Life Fieldhouse
  Hinkle Fieldhouse
Elite EightMarch 29-30IndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium
Final FourApril 3IndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium
National championshipApril 5IndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium

2021 NCAA Tournament schedule, scores

First Four

Thursday, March 18

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 1: No. 16 Mount St Mary’s vs. No. 16 Texas Southern5:10 p.m.truTV
Game 2: No. 11 Wichita State vs. No. 11 Drake6:27 p.m.TBS
Game 3: No. 16 Norfolk State vs. No. 16 Appalachian State8:40 p.m.truTV
Game 4: No. 11 Michigan State vs. No. 11 UCLA9:57 p.m.TBS

Round 1

Friday, March 19

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 5: No. 10 Virginia Tech vs. No. 7 Florida12:15 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 6: No. 14 Colgate vs. No. 3 Arkansas12:45 p.m.truTV
Game 7: No. 16 Drexel vs. No. 1 Illinois1:15 p.m.TBS
Game 8: No. 11 Utah State vs. No. 6 Texas Tech1:45 p.m.TNT
Game 9: No 15 Oral Roberts vs. No. 2 Ohio State3 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 10: No. 16 Hartford vs. No. 1 Baylor3:30 p.m.truTV
Game 11: No. 9 Georgia Tech vs. No. 8 Loyola Chicago4 p.m.TBS
Game 12: No. 12 Oregon State vs. No. 5 Tennessee4:30 p.m.TNT
Game 13: No. 13 Liberty vs. No. 4 Oklahoma State6:25 p.m.TBS
Game 14: No. 9 Wisconsin vs. No 8 North Carolina7:10 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 15: No. 15 Cleveland State vs. No. 2 Houston7:15 p.m.truTV
Game 16: No. 13 North Texas vs. No. 4 Purdue7:25 p.m.TNT
Game 17: No. 10 Rutgers vs. No. 7 Clemson9:20 p.m.TBS
Game 18: No. 11 Syracuse vs. No. 6 San Diego State9:40 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 19: No. 14 Morehead State vs. No. 3 West Virginia9:50 p.m.truTV
Game 20: No. 12 Winthrop No. 5 Villanova9:57 p.m.TNT

Saturday, March 20

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 21: No. 12 Georgetown vs. No. 5 Colorado12:15 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 22: No. 13 UNC Greensboro vs. No. 4 Florida State12:45 p.m.truTV
Game 23: No. 14 Eastern Washington vs. No. 3 Kansas1:15 p.m.TBS
Game 24: No. 9 St. Bonaventure vs. No. 8 LSU1:45 p.m.TNT
Game 25: No. 16 Mount St. Mary’s/Texas Southern vs. No. 1 Michigan3 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 26: No. 12 UC Santa Barbara vs. No. 5 Creighton3:30 p.m.truTV
Game 27: No. 15 Iona vs. No. 2 Alabama4 p.m.TBS
Game 28: No. 11 Wichita State/Drake vs. No. 6 USC4:30 p.m.TNT
Game 29: No. 15 Grand Canyon vs. No. 2 Iowa6:25 p.m.TBS
Game 30: No. 10 Maryland vs. No. 7 UConn7:10 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 31: No. 13 Ohio vs. No. 4 Virginia7:15 p.m.truTV
Game 32: No. 9 Missouri vs. No. 8 Oklahoma7:25 p.m.TNT
Game 33: No. 16 Norfolk State/Appalachian State vs. No. 1 Gonzaga9:20 p.m.TBS
Game 34: No. 11 Michigan State/UCLA vs. No. 6 BYU9:40 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 35: No. 14 Abilene Christian vs. No. 3 Texas9:50 p.m.truTV
Game 36: No. 10 VCU vs. No. 7 Oregon9:57 p.m.TNT

Round 2

Sunday, March 21

Sunday’s second-round tip times will be announced after Friday’s games.

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 37NoonCBS, fuboTV
Game 382:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 395 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 406 p.m.TNT
Game 417 p.m.TBS
Game 427:30 p.m.truTV
Game 438:30 p.m.TNT
Game 449:30 p.m.TBS

Monday, March 22

Monday’s second-round tip times will be announced after Saturday’s games.

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 45NoonCBS, fuboTV
Game 462:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 475 p.m.TBS
Game 486 p.m.TNT
Game 497 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 507:30 p.m.TBS
Game 518:30 p.m.TNT
Game 529:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTV

Sweet 16

Saturday, March 27

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 532:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 545 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 557:15 p.m.TBS
Game 569:45 p.m.TBS

Sunday, March 28

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 572 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 584:45 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 597 p.m.TBS
Game 609:45 p.m.TBS

Elite Eight

Monday, March 29

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 617 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 629:45 p.m.CBS, fuboTV

Tuesday, March 30

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 637 p.m.TBS
Game 649:45 p.m.TBS

Final Four

Saturday, April 3

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 655 p.m.CBS, fuboTV
Game 668:30 p.m.CBS, fuboTV

NCAA Tournament national championship

Monday, April 5

GameTime (ET)TV
Game 679 p.m.CBS, fuboTV

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