Tom Francis’ strategy spell-slinger Tactical Breach Wizards has entered limited beta testing on Steam—and the developer has released a new gameplay trailer to show off more of its arcane tactics puzzles.

The brief mission shows off the magical synergies of your supernatural enforcers. We’re introduced to the Navy Seer, who can use his foresight to see where foes will move and shoot, setting up traps that can be activated by the Storm Witch’s knockback spells. He can even give his teammates a handy little mana boost, making him a valuable tool for controlling the field.

There’s a lot to juggle, between perfect placement, mana management, abilities, and objectives—never minding the disgruntled cops pointing guns your way. Fortunately, Breach Wizards lets you rewind moves freely before ending your turn. Handy for balancing all the moves at your disposal, though I can easily imagine spending far, far too long agonising over whether I’m making the perfect play.

(Image credit: Suspicious Developments)

Francis has also slightly changed the design of certain characters—specifically, the “Witch Cop” Jen, who is now a private investigator with no ties to the police. While the game never had you actually playing as cops, her design conflicted with that framing and drew uncomfortable comparisons to real-world policing.

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