Bartise Bowden is setting the record straight on his relationship with the mother of his son, Hayden.

Bartise offered some insight into their dynamic—as well as the reason he is choosing to keep her identity a secret—while speaking on the May 29 episode of the Talk’R podcast.

“There’s a difference between privacy and secrecy,” Bartise shared, “and I want to keep my private life as private as I can get it to be, or as private as I needed it to be for my son and my baby mama, and for everybody involved in my close circle.”

He said that he felt it was the “safest” time to share the details for “everyone involved,” explaining the timeline associated with the birth of his son and the order in which he filmed both Love Is Blind and Perfect Match for Netflix.

“I did Love is Blind, I did Perfect Match, I had a son, and the timeline of all that, how it plays out, like on camera, doesn’t make any sense,” Bartise said. “What actually happened was, I filmed Love is Blind, I had a whole relationship between Love is Blind and Perfect Match, filmed Perfect Match, came back, conceived a son.”

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