On the Caribbean lies a country full of amazing beaches full of marine life and the home of Reggae. You probably know world-renowned Bob Marley and the world record holder Usain Bolt, yes, they are both from Jamaica. Relax and enjoy the culture, music and the breeze of this striking nation.

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The peak season to travel here is from December to April, March to April, due to spring break. Enjoy concerts and festivals also from December to January, too. Jamaica doesn’t only offer many gorgeous beaches, but there are historical sites as well as luscious rainforests.

Since this tropical country is famous for its beaches we have listed the Best Beaches in Jamaica for you. If ever you want to go there and don’t know where to relax and enjoy the blue sea and get a view, here is the top 10 best beaches in Jamaica:

Best Beaches in Jamaica Top 10 Beaches in Jamaica
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The top in the list of the best beaches in Jamaica is Seven Mile Beach in Negril. You will genuinely enjoy seven miles of fine white sand and clear blue waters. Feel the good vibes along with great locals and tourists. It is truly a wonder where you don’t only swim or lay on the sand but can eat at restaurants or get some drinks at the bar and do water sports activities as well. Get a chair, umbrella, and a bottle on hand while looking at the sunset; now that’s a great vacation. And don’t forget to book a hotel near here for the best access to the beach.

Suggested Hotel: Coco La Palm

Best Beaches in Montego Bay, Jamaica - Top 10 Beaches in Montego Bay
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Doctor’s Cave Beach is perhaps one of the best beaches in Jamaica. With beautiful white sand and crystal clear water and an opportunity to see marine life by snorkeling, you would totally love this beach. Though you need to pay a fee to go here, it isn’t exclusive for those who check-in a resort. The scenery is also amazing, so prepare your new swimming attire for fantastic photoshoots. With accommodating staff as well as clean changing and bathrooms, places where you can buy food and rent umbrellas or chairs too – you would enjoy your getaway here.

Suggested Hotel: S Hotel Jamaica

Want to have a unique adventure in the beautiful country of Jamaica? Well, try going to Dunn’s River Falls, a breathtaking and historical spot in Ocho Rios. It’s a breathtaking spot where you can climb the falls and swim afterward. After this daring climb, relax at the secluded beach nearby. You will go home with fun memories and stories from your adventure.

Suggested Hotel: Jewel Dunns River Beach Resort

4. Frenchman’s Cove Beach, Port Antonio

Best Beaches in Jamaica - Top 10 Beaches in Jamaica
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In a part of Port Antonio is a secluded beach, the Frenchman’s Cove Beach that is considered one of the best beaches in Jamaica. It’s a great family-friendly beach that your kids will enjoy. You can dip on the river too and witness as the waters of the river, and the sea connects. It has an entrance fee, and you can’t bring in food; however, the place is clean, and you can order there too. It’s one of Jamaica’s hidden gems.

Suggested Hotel: Spicy Hill Villa

5. Sandals Beach

Beach at Sandals Emerald Bay
Photo by Gary J. Wood CC BY-SA 2.0

Want to have the sea and the sand all to yourself? Well, Sandals is a beach exclusive only for those who are staying in Sandals Resorts. If you want a romantic and luxurious holiday, book a hotel at one of the best beaches in Jamaica. It’s also a great place to snorkel as the waters are calm, and the reefs are just near the beach. Plus, you can have a chance to go to a private beach and island, the Sandals Cay.

Suggested Hotel: Sandals Montego Bay

Best Beaches in Jamaica Top 10 Beaches in Jamaica
Photo by Jules Antonio CC BY-SA 2.0

At one of the best beaches in Jamaica, Puerto Seco Beach, feel an exclusive beach hotel vibe on this beach. You can also experience swimming with dolphins in the Dolphin’s Cove too! You will pay an entrance fee; however, it will be worth it as there are cabanas, swimming pools, and clean bathrooms. You can enjoy the obstacle course, and your kids can enjoy the inflatables on this beach. You can spend the day and have a blast here.

Suggested Hotel: Luxe Beach Resort

7. Bamboo Beach, Ocho Rios

Bamboo Beach is where most cruise ships or tourists have a shore excursion. With Jamaican dancers and drummers performing on the beach, you will feel an energetic vibe. Enjoy the blue waters and the magnificent views this beach has to offer. There are restaurants and a bar on the beach, too, so you can’t get hungry or thirsty. Have fun swimming and dancing in one of the best beaches in Jamaica.

Suggested Hotel: Chrisanns Beach Resort

8. Winnifred Beach, Port Antonio

Winnifred Beach is one of the best beaches in Jamaica, a secluded free public beach in Port Antonio. Have a fun-filled day as you swim in the shallow blue waters and enjoy the blue skies. There are stony parts of the beach as well as sea urchins, so bring your shoes as well as snorkel gear to see marine life nearby.

Suggested Hotel: Boston Beach Guesthouse

9. Bloody Bay Beach

Best Beaches in Jamaica - Top 10 Beaches in Jamaica
Photo by marsbar905 CC BY-SA 2.0

Named after the past times where people butchered whales and dragged them through this beach, however, don’t worry as no whales are harmed here. In this tinier and more peaceful bay at Negril lays one of the best beaches in Jamaica. You can have the beach to yourself as there isn’t much tourist or vendors in the area. It’s pretty much exclusive to those who are staying at the resorts there. The waters are also crystal clear;  you would enjoy snorkeling here.

Suggested Hotel: Couples Negril

10. Treasure Beach, South Coast

Best Beaches in Jamaica - Top 10 Beaches in Jamaica
Photo by April Pink CC BY-SA 2.0)

On the south coast of Jamaica is a stretch of beach with brown colored sand. On Calabash Bay, there’s a strip of black, yellow, or reddish sand too. There are small restaurants and shops here too as there are tourists like you and me who are curious about the treasure beach. Witness also fishermen that came from their expedition; you might buy something cheap there for dinner.

Suggested Hotel: Lashings Boutique Hotel

Jamaica has many beaches; here is also a list of top beaches in Montego Bay. So prepare your sunglasses, shop for more swimwear and buy some sunscreen. You wouldn’t have a dull time at this festive country. Swim, snorkel and lay by one of the best beaches in Jamaica; you will truly feel like you are in heaven on earth.

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