Lindsie Chrisley is heartbroken about her family’s future. 

More than two weeks after Todd Chrisley and his wife Julie Chrisley were sentenced to multiple years in federal prison, Todd’s eldest daughter is speaking out about the case. 

“I wanted to take a minute and first of all, say thank you to all of our listeners that have reached out to me the past few weeks regarding my family,” the podcast host said in a statement to Hollywood Life. “I wanted to take a step back and begin to process everything before speaking and making any statements.”

According to Lindise, the past few months have been “extremely hard for me and my family, and I am heartbroken over the updates in my parents’ case that occurred late last month.” 

“I know some of the media has tried to twist my response to this and make it something it’s not, but at the end of the day, there is no tea here,” Lindsie said. “I am heartbroken and navigating this process the best way I know how.”

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