Lili Reinhart and Spencer Neville found love in the desert.

The two were seen getting close at Coachella 2022 and a source close to the Riverdale star exclusively told E! News that the two are “casually seeing each other.”

“It’s very new but she’s really into him,” the source said. “They met through the industry and were introduced together by a few friends. Lili and Spencer spent the entire weekend together at Coachella and had a lot of fun.”

The source said that they had fun at the festival and were “very playful together.” Photos of the two together showed Lili holding onto Spencer’s arm as they ventured through the festival. Spencer kept by her side in a matching outfit, sporting white pants and shirt with a coral button up shirt while Lili wore a pink top and a lightweight jacket in various shades of pink.

“Lili has been spending a lot of time focusing on herself and Spencer has been the first person since her breakup that she’s been really into,” the source added. “Everyone around her says she seems very happy right now and her friends think Spencer is great.”

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