WEEK OF April 11 – 1 7, 2022

Is busywork distracting you from your higher purpose? Tuesday’s uplifting conjunction between high-minded Jupiter and spiritual Neptune will put more soul in your goals. For the first time in 166 years, they’re meeting in Pisces and combining their idealistic powers in your sixth house of work and wellness. In the days to follow, you’ll find it impossible to “lather, rinse, repeat” your way through anything, from your job to your relationships. But take a look at your schedule. Maybe it’s time to make a budget for outsourcing certain tasks—or maybe you should just let go of them altogether. This is your nudge from the universe to open up space for activities that have heart and meaning. Maybe you’ll feel an urge to forge a deeper connection to your work. A professional project may glimmer on the horizon, one that feels like a “calling” or a step along your true path. Tuesday’s sync-up will give you a boost of courage. If you KNOW you’re meant to do this, it’s time to leap, Libra! This might even involve traveling, relocating or working with people halfway around the globe.

As any Libra knows, there’s always room for more self-care. And when energetic Mars joins Venus, Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces and your sixth house of healthy living on Thursday, you could swap some of those home spa indulgences for mat Pilates and long bike rides. Mars will be cranking away in this realm until May 24, lending assists wherever they’re needed to help you get all your systems running smoothly, from your digestive tract and muscles to your daily workload. Since the red planet loves a challenge, set a few new goals that you’re not positive you can easily reach. You might even try an anti-inflammation diet or dial back on stimulants like sugar and caffeine. If you’re feeling disorganized around work or struggling to stay focused on tasks, download a productivity or distraction-monitoring app that will show you where you’re “leaking energy.” Before you take on anything new, stop and get organized, going as paperless as possible and having good digital file management. Throughout the day, take mini breaks to clear your mind and move your body. If you don’t have a private office, find a place to do some gentle stretches and shoulder rolls. And whenever you can, stop long enough to follow your breath, if only for two minutes at a time.

Saturday marks an epic day for celebrating your individuality, as 2022’s only full moon in Libra electrifies the skies. Wherever you’ve been hiding your light, these moonbeams will plant you back onto center stage to let it shine. Snap an album full of glamorous selfies and dare to overshare. When you’ve got something worth buzzing about, you’re doing the world a public service by spreading the news. If you’ve been toiling away on a passion project since the NEW moon in Libra last October 6, cut the ribbon and debut it to the world. Since self-promotion isn’t necessarily your humble sign’s strong suit, consider bringing in support from a social media pro, agent or publicist. Is your work still “in process”? Organize a focus group of savvy friends who are willing to weigh in on your progress thus far. Their invaluable feedback can help you shape your game plan and possibly spare you a costly misstep. Since their time is valuable, thank them by treating for dinner—or even cooking them a fabulous meal if you, like many Libras, have the epicurean chops.

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