WEEK OF January 25 – 3 1, 2021

When you look good, you know you feel good, Libra—and there’s nothing shallow or superficial about that! So don’t let anyone tell you there’s “no point” in dressing up, doing your hair or otherwise primping to your specifications. The luminous Sun is shimmering through your fifth house of glamour and creativity for three more weeks, and under Tuesday, January 26’s mashup with unpredictable Uranus, you could turn heads even if you’re only in (well-lit) Zoom rooms!

This planetary pairing can also add some major sizzle to a budding romance, because these activating orbs are in your most passionate chart sectors. Changemaker Uranus is in your house of merging, intimacy and sexuality, so someone could make a sudden (and dramatic) entrance—or exit—from your life. Trust that there’s a reason, even if it’s the opposite of obvious now.

You may discover you actually have something of a following under the radiant glow of Thursday’s full moon! This “moon of culminations” lands in proud Leo and your collaborative eleventh house. It could be your style—or maybe your ability to herd cats (and then get them to drink out of the same bowl)—that saves the day when work projects are about to go off the rails. In any event, accept their acknowledgement and praise with Libran aplomb and send some of the glory back to them.

As the fair-minded sign of the Scales, you’re not comfortable monopolizing the spotlight, but don’t be TOO quick to deflect any kudos that’ rightfully yours. Then, when you’ve drained the celebratory champagne, start thinking about what’s next, either something with the same team…or perhaps it’s time to move on to something even bigger and brighter. Since the eleventh house loves innovation and disruptive thinking, you might connect with someone—or a dream team—whose thinking is even more outside the box than yours! It’s worth investing in any important software or device upgrades now, with your tech center so auspiciously favored.

As the Sun and growth-agent Jupiter meet up for “The Day of Miracles” in your fifth house of fame, take your solo star status into account. Don’t do yourself a disservice by sticking with a crew just because of shared history. But if there’s more life in this collaboration, commit and go all in, Libra! With your ruler, diplomatic Venus, getting backup from hard-baller Pluto in your grounded fourth house, you owe it to yourself to at least TRY to negotiate better terms here. You’ll get farther faster if you employ a personal touch.

Back to that fifth house of creativity and amour… That joint will still be jumping for a while, but starting on Saturday, when expressive Mercury kicks off its first retrograde of 2021 (in Aquarius), things might slow down, stop or even shift into reverse until February 20. A new romance could all but vanish; the muse might abandon you mid-project. But remember, just as quickly as this sets in, it could turn BACK around when the messenger planet resumes forward motion.

Somebody from your past (as in, a former lover) could reappear without warning, leaving you to comb through memories to see if there are more positive or negative. (Hint: With exes, there are generally more negatives.) Even with the communication planet off-course, there’s no reason NOT to come right out and ask them WHY they chose to come back, and why now. Their answers might give you all the info you need to make your decision.

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