Liam Smith has condemned Chris Eubank Jr for what he sees as a lack of ambition.

Smith, a former world champion at super-welterweight, is pushing for another title shot. The Liverpudlian is highly rated by three major sanctioning bodies at super-welterweight but is willing to move up a division to box Eubank.

“If he wants a big fight, there’s one right there for him now,” Smith told Sky Sports. “It’s a fight that people are talking about, it’s a fight that people are excited about if it’s made. It’s a fight that can be easily, easily made.

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Even at 33 Liam Smith believes he’s never been better.

“I’ll sign for that fight tomorrow, I’ll sign for that fight next.”

Eubank Jr has previously spoken publicly about boxing Conor Benn, the son of Eubank’s father’s great rival Nigel Benn. But the younger Benn is still at welterweight, two divisions below Eubank.

“Anyone who can make 147lbs shouldn’t be fighting nowhere near middleweight,” Smith said.

“The names, the dads, whatever else but at the end of the day anybody else would get slaughtered for that fight. He’s fighting a welterweight. A welterweight who’s still learning his craft a little bit.

“Besides the names, he should be getting slaughtered for that, even calling Conor Benn out.”

He believes Eubank should be pushing for more meaningful fights. “I’m not begrudging anyone making money but it’s a shame he made the money he made in that World [Boxing Super Series]. He should be getting forced to have big fights and he’s living the high lifestyle,” Smith said.

“He should be banging the door for world titles and he’s not bothered about big challenges because of the money he’s made.”

Smith wants the fight but won’t spend his career chasing Eubank Jr. A former WBO super-welter champion, he is determined to press for another world title shot.

Liam Smith
Liam Smith has signed a new deal with promoter BOXXER, with his fights to be screened live and exclusively on Sky Sports.

“I’ve still got a lot of motivation left in me,” Smith said. “I’ve been in a big fight with Canelo [Alvarez] and I’ve still got the same drive, the same hunger every morning when I get out of bed.

“For me and my career, I’ve got good momentum at the moment and I don’t want to be out for a long time.”

He is looking to fight next in September in his home town. Promoter Ben Shalom would even like to see Smith’s next world title challenge up at middleweight.

“He feels like he’s coming into his prime, he’s got an amazing boxing IQ,” Shalom told Sky Sports.

“He wants to now fight for a world title again. I think he might be moving up in weight to 160lbs which I always wanted to see him at. I’m excited because there are some massive fights there, whether it’s Chris Eubank Jr, whether it’s world titles. He wants them all. I think the fans want to see Chris Eubank Jr against Liam Smith and I’m hoping that will happen.

“Make no mistake he wants to be a two-time world champion. Not only does he want the Eubank fight but he wants that as well.

“Next fight or two he either fights Eubank or he fights for a world title.”

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