In the last few years, Seth Rogen has quietly transformed from a shaggy funnyman into a genuinely stylish Hollywood multi-hyphenate. Perhaps you’ve noticed his growing empire, but he’s also been quietly evolving his fashion game—from great-fitting pants and cool crewneck sweaters to advanced-level suits on the red carpet. This month, on the heels of launching his own cannabis and home goods company, the filmmaker and budding businessman has shown zero signs of breaking his stylish streak. If 2018 Rogen was all about crewneck sweaters, then 2021 Rogen is all about cardigans—and what a supremely stylish collection of cardigans he’s got.

Our interest began started with a fuzzy, mohair cardigan from the cult-loved Japanese brand Needles. Earlier this month, Rogen took to Instagram to announce the Houseplant launch and did so in a head-turning cardigan made of mandarin orange and chocolate brown. (Precisely, this exact sweater.)

Then, one week after, Rogan made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to further promote the new company. For that, the actor-producer-weedman went with a deep green cardigan, duck brown pants, and similarly shaded Birkenstock clogs. (The colors of this outfit may or may not remind you of a cannabis plant growing in a clay pot. Coincidence? Maybe. Or…subliminal marketing to the stoned late night viewer!) Now, you may be thinking that two perfect cardigans in two weeks are enough to earn a tip of the hat. But I’m here to tell you that Rogen had yet another great sweater up his sleeve. The third cardigan in question is a fuzzy blue cardigan with a crisp white tee underneath that he wore during a short video showing how to open his beautifully designed bud containers.

Rogen’s ascent into a stylish, artful dude with a pretty sharp taste in design has been a joy to watch. During quarantine, he got really into making his own ceramics. His handiwork recalls the whimsical, off-the-wall sensibility of the late Peter Voulkos—mixed with the colorful functionality of the beloved (and sadly, defunct) California company Gainey Ceramics. It is no coincidence that the high-design look of Houseplant is similarly eclectic and fun. It is fair to say that Rogen has taken this love of the bright and playful and channeled it into his closet. His growing sweater collection feels on a similar wave: fun, colorful, and cool as hell—and when it comes to cardigans, that is a winning combo.

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