Here’s How To Choose The Best Accessible Learning Management Systems

Are you adamant about ensuring your training meets everyone’s needs? Then an LMS for learning accessibility is your ideal solution. Organizations that are genuinely committed to creating a positive and inclusive work environment take all the necessary steps to cultivate a workplace where everyone feels welcome. So, by offering LMS accessibility, individuals with auditory, visual, cognitive, and mobility difficulties can have easy access to Learning and Development content. Thus, by having all the tools they need, diverse trainees can achieve successful learning outcomes.

Thankfully, accessible LMS software creates inclusive experiences that take diversity and inclusion seriously. However, LMS accessibility doesn’t rely on a single feature. In fact, it consists of a variety of features and design principles for User Experience (UX) and interactivity. Besides, the LMS UX matters for every user. In addition, it should generate consistent learner outcomes across your entire organization. And the way to do so is by flexibly accommodating the needs of all users, including learners with diverse abilities and barriers.

So, to help you choose, we created a top list featuring the best solutions for learning accessibility.

Even if you are not familiar with terms like Section 508 LMS compliance, ADA, and WCAG, you’ll find plenty of tips on this special list.

Read on as we analyze the characteristics of an inclusive LMS and which steps you have to take to choose the ideal tool for your organization’s training needs.

These Are The Best LMS Solutions For Learning Accessibility

Top LMS For Learning Accessibility (2022)

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Reimagine Training With A Learning Experience That’s Best In Class

Adobe Captivate Prime is a learning platform driven by experience. The LMS allows learners to navigate the platform and use key accessibility capabilities like screen reader, keyboard, and closed captions based on the learner role. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it offers personalized training to employees and customers. Plus, you can use this LMS to scale your learning programs at ease. Best of all, it allows you to work both on self-paced learning and hybrid modes.

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Explore Adobe Captivate Prime reviews.


  • Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1)
  • Fluidic Player For Accessible Learning
  • Great Low-Vision Technology


  • Accessibility Standards (WCAG 2.1)

Adobe Captivate Prime uses a branding theme that is dedicated to accessibility standards. The color palette in this theme is compliant with WCAG 2.1.

  • Fluidic Player For Accessible Learning

Fluidic Player helps learners consume content with an engaging experience irrespective of the content format, making it easy for differently-abled learners to navigate in a single interface.

  • Great Low-Vision Technology

Learners with low vision who rely on keyboards can skip content on the learner homepage interface by jumping straight to the section of their interest with a few clicks. 

Plans And Pricing

If you’re looking for an LMS that sets you up for success, you can’t go wrong with this one. Adobe Captivate Prime allows you to focus on your use case by offering active user or monthly user plans. What I like most about this LMS is that you can start off your courses with a few simple clicks. You’ll find designing learning paths to be pretty easy. The same goes for making learning plans to register your learners automatically.

Learning For All! Regardless Of Ability, Users Can Experience Online L&D

Docebo’s multi-product learning suite equips enterprises to tackle any learning challenge all around the world. From creating content to delivering training to hybrid or internal audiences, managers and trainers can build a true learning culture within their organization.

Request a demo and get your accessibility and WCAG compliance resources now!

Read Docebo reviews in our directory.


  • Robust Forms
  • Easy Navigation And Interactivity
  • A Clear And Consistent Journey


Form elements include clear labels that tell you exactly what to do when there is something wrong or provide you with the right information to prevent any possible mistakes.

  • Easy Navigation And Interactivity

Interactive elements that are easy to identify and provide clear feedback tell users if they’ve successfully deleted or added something. Also, color contrast makes it easy to navigate without straining your eyes.

  • A Clear And Consistent Journey

Users can navigate with clickable options and enjoy learning (anywhere, anytime) by using the site on a computer or smartphone, without any added challenges.

Plans And Pricing

Accessibility supports workplace inclusion for all and is a fundamental human right. But that’s not it, as learning-content accessibility overlaps with other best business practices. For example, some of these include multimodal interaction, device independence, mobile web design, usability, and design for older users. For more information on pricing plans, visit their website.

Launch Training By The End Of The Day With An LMS Built For Complete Buy-In

For learning that feels right from the first click, try the LMS trusted by 70k+ teams. Feature-rich, TalentLMS comes with the tools you need to build and offer accessible training compliant with WCAG learning standards. Start training in just a few clicks on an LMS that meets admin, instructor, and learner needs.

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Explore TalentLMS reviews.


  • Intuitive Platform
  • Create Accessible Courses
  • Asynchronous Communication


Built with modern engineering principles in mind, TalentLMS rates high in usability. Navigable, searchable, and keyboard-accessible, it’s an LMS that’s always a joy to use.

  • Create Accessible Courses

Taking training gets easier with accessible formats. Provide text alternatives for visual content and adapt courses into recognizable compositions for each team member.

  • Asynchronous Communication

Keep the discussion going with text-based communication. Empower your learners to connect through discussion boards and direct messaging to make learning inclusive.

Plans And Pricing

Try for free; upgrade when you’re ready. Users can try TalentLMS for free, forever. Make sure to test the platform for as long as you want and identify if it matches both your and your learners’ needs. Best of all, you can benefit from the adaptable pricing model when you’re ready. This means you’ll never pay for what you don’t need!

CourseMill Meets Section 508 And WCAG 2.0 Rules, Supporting Disabled Users

eLearning Brothers is a learning technology and services company committed to helping organizations deliver better learning experiences, including accessible ones. Their CourseMill LMS lets you deliver and track accessible learning.

Request a demo to see CourseMill LMS in action.

Read CourseMill reviews in our directory.


  • Bulk Imports
  • Custom User Settings
  • Direct Integration With Lectora


CourseMill allows WGAG/508 compliancy settings for bulk importing of users. When bulk-importing users, you can activate WCAG/508 compliancy.

When adding, viewing, and editing user details, trainers can activate WCAG/508 compliancy for users that need it. Activate WCAG/508 compliancy for an individual with a simple checkbox.

  • Direct Integration With Lectora

You can publish accessible courses from the Lectora authoring tool to CourseMill LMS in two clicks.

Plans And Pricing

This cloud-based LMS delivers powerful learning without the price tag. No wonder large organizations trust CourseMill. It’s an LMS solution that handles all the heavy lifting for you.

Making Learning Accessible To More Users With Robust Analytics And Great Performance

If you’re looking for an innovative, open-source, and future-proof LMS, this is an excellent solution. With Stream LXP, you can use the L&D function to maximize performance and help your people to help themselves. From high levels of engagement and effective learning to getting full compliance and robust analytics tools, it has it all.

Find out why Learning Pool’s LMS is trusted by more than 530 brands across the globe.

Go ahead and read reviews for Stream LXP in our directory.


  • Scalable Learning
  • Leading Open Standards
  • Exceptional Learning Delivery


LXP Stream boasts some of the best-in-class components for those who need to deliver learning at scale.

Their technology is based on leading open standards. Thus, it manages to simplify training for everyone. Learners, managers, and administrators can enjoy its ease of use.

  • Exceptional Learning Delivery

Built by learning professionals, this LXP can flex around any learning delivery prerequisite. What’s more, it is a proven digital replacement for any classroom environment.

Plans And Pricing

By teaming up with Learning Pool, you can easily cover everything from initial onboarding to leadership training. Best of all, you get to increase engagement and performance by leveraging 360 feedback. All the above, combined with powerful reporting, empower you to achieve your organizational goals. All you have to do is agree upon a tailored program or learning plan.

Top List Ranking: eLearning Industry’s LMS Selection Criteria

Globally recognized LMS experts, including C. Pappas and our editorial team, did a thorough review of each vendor’s eligibility and relevant published content (articles, eBooks, webinars). Our committee ranked the top LMS solutions for learning accessibility on the following 9 criteria:

  • Customer support
  • Customer experience
  • Software features
  • Software innovation
  • Customer reviews
  • Economic growth potential
  • Company’s customer retention
  • Employee turnover
  • Company’s social responsibility

Now that you’ve gone through our top LMS list ranking, please make sure to read our tips and insights. All the information shared below will help you choose the best tool for your needs.

Compare The Best LMS Solutions For Accessible Learning

Make learning accessible by all trainees and trainers with the industry’s top LMS software.

Learning Accessibility: The Best LMS Features For Designing Accessible Learning Content

When talking about LMS accessibility, you must be wondering what such a platform looks like. First off, an accessible LMS solution, like the ones in this list, should be able to support WCAG. This certification allows accessible Learning Management Systems to drive success among all employees, LMS admins, and external learners.

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) framework is of great importance. It defines how software experiences can be inclusive for individuals with disabilities. By understanding the WCAG criteria, L&D leaders can foster improved learning technology experiences for a diverse workforce. The main goal remains to offer universally positive UX and outcomes.

To clarify, LMS tools that follow the WCAG framework have:

  • The ability to offer distinguishable information and User Interface (UI).
  • A knack for utilizing usable navigation experiences that are broadly interoperable.
  • Input agents for assistance to make things easier for all users.
  • An inclusive ease-of-understanding UX, language, operations, and diverse input requirements.
  • The capacity to be robust by offering content interoperability, utilizing assistive technologies as well as current and future user agents.

So, here are some things to look out for when choosing accessible LMS tools:

  • Use of high-contrast colors
  • Consistent UI and icons
  • Accessible multi-select lists
  • Accessible text editors
  • Screen-reader-accessible instruction information
  • Support for accessible course content

Hence, learning solutions that strive to be at the top of their game for LMS accessibility conform with current WCAG standards. Both for learner and administrator experiences. Plus, they usually offer a range of features and UX designs to accommodate diverse accessibility scenarios.

Evaluating The Usability And Learning Accessibility Of LMS Tools

If your organization is in the process of adopting and implementing an LMS, focus on creating a shortlist of features you’ll need. Then you can begin your LMS free trials.

Generally, LMS platforms have useful tools that make the creation and management of course content easier. Also, collaborative learning support systems, test-authoring systems, and virtual classroom management systems are widely used. Yet, giving the opportunity to access course materials anywhere and anytime is not enough.

Accessible learning platforms allow trainers and learners access to the course content by having the end user in mind. As diversity and inclusion training becomes mandatory, offering easy access and determining the accessibility and usability of the eLearning software are vital.

Therefore, an accessible LMS allows diverse trainers and staff from different departments to access, upload assignments, send quizzes, download content, etc. Plus, it offers accessibility and usability of eLearning.

Here are some steps you can carry:

  • Read LMS accessibility reviews
  • Focus on the design user interface
  • Test navigational features and ease of use
  • Evaluate elements using questionnaires

However, you might still have to customize the eLearning software depending on the needs of your trainers and learners. For example, you might need to add another language. Or maybe the navigation menu could use a bit of improvement. Customization can help increase and enhance the accessibility and usability of the software.

Next Steps

Indeed, training managers should base their critical evaluation of accessible LMS solutions on the instructional management component. First and foremost, the learning platform must be flexible. And it must allow the trainer to have free interaction with the users.

For example, there should be key interaction support features like:

  • Discussion boards and groups
  • Grade center and course reports
  • Edit mode on/off
  • Drag-and-drop features
  • Course management
  • Tests/surveys/polls
  • Assignment and form assessments

Most importantly, an LMS for learning accessibility must have interactive and user-friendly features. Simultaneously, it should eliminate barriers in the User Experience when diverse users interact with the tool.

Of course, there are several standards and regulations for technology accessibility. As you can understand, this also affects LMS accessibility. For example:

In simple words, Section 508 is a federal U.S. standard. Compliance usually applies to nonprofit service companies and public sector agencies.

This is a civil rights law that guarantees equal opportunity for all individuals with disabilities.

In short, this is a set of independent, formal guidelines for developing accessible digital content. It is also known as ISO/IEC 40500:2012.

Therefore, all the above-noted standards share a common goal: they are set to accommodate individuals with cognitive, auditory, visual, and mobility impairments.

So, LMS users must have easy access to instructions, course management items, and management safety without problems. Likewise, access authentication, identification, and password management must work flawlessly.

Above all, an LMS for accessible learning must enable all users to interact and easily navigate through the platform. In addition, it needs to have clarity of direction and consistency. Most importantly, it should enable learner control. Providing enhanced intuitive access and appropriate multimedia for diverse audiences is vital.

What are your thoughts on learning management accessibility? Let us know in the comments!

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