RENO — Republican Senate hopefuls Adam Laxalt and Sam Brown clashed Monday over Laxalt’s performance as chairman of ex-President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign in Nevada and whether he did enough to combat voter fraud when he was attorney general.

Few philosophical differences emerged between the two conservatives during an hour debate taped for broadcast this week on “Nevada Newsmakers.”

The two military veterans are seeking the GOP nomination to face Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto in November.

The series of sharp exchanges came after Laxalt touted his record as attorney general and current endorsements from Trump and others.

Brown said Laxalt relies on endorsements “because Nevadans can’t rely on him.”

He said Laxalt failed Nevadans by failing to investigate voter fraud when he was attorney general and blamed him — as chairman of Trump’s campaign — for failing to initiate a timely legal challenge of the 2022 results.

Laxalt said the secretary of state, not the attorney general, is in charge of investigating voter fraud in Nevada. He said he did everything he could to bring a lawsuit sooner but that the Republican National Committee was in charge of that.

Laxalt later suggested Brown was an opportunist when he decided to move to Nevada after failing to win a state legislative primary in Texas in 2014.

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