Spring has sprung, and the Easter eggs have been found, meaning students at Los Angeles Unified School District schools will soon be returning to class. But LAUSD has a request for families before students gather in-person once more: get a COVID-19 test.

LAUSD wants families to test their students before sending them back out the door Monday morning, and to keep students who test positive at home, in an attempt to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in schools.

The district put their plea on Twitter Sunday evening.

“Los Angeles Unified provided rapid test kits to all students,” the statement read in part. “Please test your child today, Sunday, April 17, if you haven’t already.”

The test kits were distributed to students specifically so they could take the COVID test before returning to school, the district said.

“As a reminder, the use of test kits beyond their expiration date is endorsed by the California Department of Public Health and is being closely monitored by our medical team,” LAUSD said. “Please use these tests with confidence.”

Anyone with a positive result was asked to upload their test results to Daily Pass, the online health portal used by the District throughout the pandemic.


Students that test negative can head back to class as normal.

The COVID-19 concerns come as more restrictions are lifted around the state, country and world, leading many more people to travel and gather with others for spring break.

“It’s so nice to finally be out of the house, and just enjoy the family,” said Linda Contreras, who was celebrating in Griffith Park on Sunday. “And not have to limit to five people in a group.”

The COVID situation is much better in 2022, with more people vaccinated and better access to tests, but the spread of the virus is still top of mind.

According to data collected Friday, at least 24 K-12 schools are dealing with outbreaks in the classroom setting.

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