Milwaukee – This morning, Alex Lasry voiced his support for the workers at the three Dane County Starbucks stores that filed for union representation Monday, throwing his support behind local workers fighting to make things better at their workplace.

“Since the very beginning of this campaign, I’ve told folks that I want to bring real change and real results to the people of Wisconsin. Supporting local unionization to make things better for people in the workplace is the perfect way to do that,” said Alex Lasry.

“I’m proud to stand beside these brave workers as they fight for change in their workplace. One step at a time, the Union Strong movement is making real change for workers across the state, and as Wisconsin’s next Senator, I will fight every day to help them.”

Alex has a proven track record of delivering real results for Wisconsinites – whether it’s creating good union jobs, paying a $15-dollar minimum wage, or investing in and helping grow Wisconsin’s economy. Alex led negotiations for a historic project labor agreement that included provisions to hire women and minorities that are often underrepresented among union workers, and he has been a leading voice in advocating for the ongoing unionization movement.

The Lasry campaign is also one of the only campaigns across the country and the only one in Wisconsin that has a unionized campaign staff.

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