INDIANAPOLIS — FOX59 received a viewer tip Wednesday afternoon about LA Fitness on Keystone Ave. closing August 27 without informing their members. The viewer also claimed they are still continuing to sell memberships regardless of the closing.

After viewing this tip, we decided to give LA Fitness a call.

When they picked up we asked to speak with the manager, however, they said they “do not have a manager” at that location. One of FOX59’s staff members frequents this LA Fitness location and has spoke with a manager there in the past couple months.

The LA Fitness staff member we spoke to confirmed that the location will be closing August 26, a day earlier than the tip we received suggested.

When we asked why they haven’t notified their members yet, we were told that they plan on sending something out soon.

The FOX59 viewer who sent us the tip is one of the gym’s concerned members.

“I was told by their employees that was what they were instructed to do by Corporate. That definitely seems like a deceptive way to lure people into buying a membership,” he said, regarding LA Fitness continuing to memberships despite the closing.

We asked why LA Fitness continues to sell memberships and they did not mention to us that it was a command from corporate. They told us that the memberships could be transferred to other LA Fitness locations.

This specific LA Fitness location is a prime spot for Broad Ripple residents and surrounding communities.

“Most people (myself included) buy a membership to a gym that is the most convenient for them to go to from work/home,” said the FOX59 viewer. “This would negate that completely! The other locations are way out east (Pendleton Pike) or West (38th St)! Not convenient at all for residents of Broad Ripple!”

We asked for a manager to give us a call back with more information regarding the closing. We have yet to hear back.

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