“ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky recently released his top five QBs under 25 years old and left Kyler off the list. I’m seriously baffled as to why there is so much hate or distaste for Kyler. He literally has better career stats than everyone on that list and along with Joe Burrow has made their team relevant again. Why the hate/distaste? Even among our own fans. Is it because Kyler is short? Seems to have a ‘bad attitude’ (even though none of us know him personally)? Do they want Rosen back? I’m seriously baffled here. Side note: Dan Orlovsky went 2-10 as an NFL starter with a career rating of 75. I don’t think he’d make a lot of lists for NFL QBs.”

Well, I’ve never played in the NFL and have opinions — informed ones, in my mind — about players, so I’m not sure that final note applies. As for the list, I’m not sure exactly — other than the bad taste the playoff game gave off — how Murray would be off the list and Trevor Lawrence and Mac Jones would be on it. That’s my personal opinion. As for the lack of faith by some with Kyler, I’m guessing Rosen isn’t a factor. Those other things are on the table, though. There is a weight of heavy expectations on Murray’s shoulders, no doubt, one that only gets heavier if he gets the mega-contract. You can’t make fans “like” someone. If some don’t, all he can do is be himself, play football, and see if they come around.

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