Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spokesperson blasted Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans for a pitiful display of MAGA cultism on the Capitol steps.

Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

Kevin McCarthy’s pitiful display this morning is only further proof that the MAGA cult in his conference has him in a chokehold. House Republican Leaders spent their morning detached from reality: bragging about their dangerous, extreme, unpopular agenda to ban abortion in all fifty states, send prescription drug costs soaring and steal your right to choose your leaders. Truthfully, a desperate press conference is about par for the course for an uninspiring and incoherent politician like the Minority Leader, whose only real accomplishment to date is typing up a radical right-wing wish list that sends a clear message to the American people that House Republicans have gone off the deep end.

 While Republicans stage pathetic stunts outside the Capitol, the Speaker and House Democrats are advancing relief for communities hit by natural disasters, passing overdue benefits for 9/11 families, and keeping the government’s lights on. The difference in priorities is clear.

Video of the House Republicans:

The criticism of McCarthy as uninspiring and incoherent is accurate. The House Minority Leader is making a series of promises that he will never be able to fulfill in a pandering bid to win the House majority.

The House Republican agenda is a nightmare for the American people. It includes a federal ban on abortion, reversing Democratic policies that have the American people, raising prescription drug prices, and helping Trump steal the 2024 election.

House Republicans have tried to disguise this agenda with claims that they will lower inflation, but they have no plan to reduce inflation.

A House Republican majority would not be a Commitment To America but A Contract On America that must never be enacted.

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