White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre called out Republicans for lacking the courage to do anything about guns and mass shootings.


Jean-Pierre said in part, “Republicans in congress need to show some courage. And if they had courage, he would be introducing legislation on banning assault weapons. Today. That would be would be doing today. And we know. that when there was legislation that was turned into law that the president led on thirty years ago, we know that it saved lives. We know that to be a fact. But yet they refuse. They refused to move forward and yet guns, as we know is the leading cause, that is killing our kids and they refuse refuse to show some courage and do anything about it. And that is shameful.”

Republicans weren’t embarrassed by their inaction after Sandy Hook, Parkland, Tree Of Life, Buffalo, Uvalde, Charleston, Pulse, and too many more, so they should not be expected to be moved to action by six deaths in Nashville.

It is important for the world to see that America is not the bloodshed that Republicans are enabling. The majority of the country wants something to be done, and the cowardice of Republicans is visible to all, and it doesn’t represent the majority of the nation.

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