What’s the old saying? Root for injuries? If you pull for such happenings during matchups you don’t like, then you sort of got your wish Friday night.

First, an explainer: Former MLB star Jose Canseco, 56, was in a pay-per-view boxing match against a 21-year-old Barstool Sports intern nicknamed Billy Football. The build to the fight was Canseco and the loose Stool talkers trading insults. Canseco tried to sell the idea that he was a crusader against the company’s crudeness.

Then fight night happened and Canseco maybe, kinda, sorta took a dive.

He went to the canvas 10 seconds into the bout after absorbing a series of blows, including a borderline illegal one. Eventually, Canseco got to a knee, grimaced and then grabbed his right shoulder, claiming it was hurt. He told the referee that he couldn’t continue. (He later said he hurt the shoulder months earlier.)

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So the referee had to stop a fight that was the main attraction of the Rough N’ Rowdy PPV card from West Virginia.

If, for some reason, you bet on this fight, then you didn’t get hurt.

(Who’s “Canceso”?)

Canseco did predict a Round 1 knockout during the hype. We thought he was saying that he would deliver the KO.

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