TikToker Katie Mills has some heated words for JoJo Siwa.

The 20-year-old did not hold back when she addressed a recent TikTok video from the Dance Moms alum, which called out “love bombing” and “clout chasing” behavior from unnamed exes. Katie, who was romantically linked to JoJo in late 2021, responded to the “Boomerang” singer in a March 28 clip, saying with a sigh, “I’m done being quiet.”

“You hold a lot of power, you and your platform,” she continued. “How can you tell someone you love them and ghost them the next day, and then post all over the internet that we’re clout chasers and love bombers? I don’t get it.”

Katie went on to claim that JoJo was the one who wanted to take their relationship public, adding that she had always asked the 19-year-old for permission before posting anything about her on social media: “I have the text receipts to prove it, so don’t come at me.” 

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