OSHKOSH  – U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) appeared on Fox News with Sean Hannity last night, where he discussed the Democrat dark money groups running ads against him in Wisconsin. Excerpts are below:

SEN. JOHNSON: Sean, so far I’ve been outspent about $19.3 million to $5 million, and I don’t even have a Democrat opponent. But what I have is a media that have been trying to take me out for the last 18 months. So I’m going to need a lot of help: ronjohnsonforsenate.com. If you want me to continue to pursue these investigations, I’ll need that financial help: ronjohnsonforsenate.com.

HANNITY: Where’s this money targeted against you coming from, do we know?

SEN. JOHNSON: Well it’s coming from those dark many groups that the Democrats just hate until they tap into it to use to try to engage in the politics of personal destruction. That is what is so despicable about this, Sean. They just lie, they distort, and they engage in the politics of personal destruction. They can’t run on their record obviously. They can’t run on their open borders and forty-year high inflation and record-high gas prices and the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan. All they can do is tear other people down. That is what they do. They do it quite effectively, which is why I need your help: ronjohnsonforsenate.com.


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Reminder: A new report this week detailed how “A ‘coalition of Wisconsin residents’ that has been running TV attack ads against Sen. Ron Johnson (R.) is a front for a massive dark money group based in Washington, D.C.” It says “Opportunity Wisconsin doesn’t actually exist on paper. The name is a business alias for the North Fund, which is more than 600 miles away in Washington, D.C.” Read the report here.

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