On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver looked at Republicans like Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott and the 2022 election philosophy behind their actions.



After talking about DeSantis having no plan to take away Disney’s special district status, and Greg Abbott with his disastrous border truck inspections, along with LA County Sherrif Villaneuva,  Oliver summed up the point of their actions.

Oliver said, “The thing is, depressingly, it seems that he is going to get reelected this year. Bullying a reporter might actually help him, just like DeSantis and Abbott’s harmful stunts are likely to help them, Because the name of the game in politics these days seems to be less can you help the most people  and more how much can your hurt the people your supporters hate the most, even if all voters get in return is a massive logistical headache, a twelve-hour traffic jam, and the most unwatchable depiction of Southern California since LA-LA Land.”

The stunts that Republicans are pulling to help themselves at the ballot box are an extension of their party’s mentality that they must “own the libs” at any cost.

The publicity stunts are all done to send a message to Republican voters that this is a war for American culture and that Republicans will do anything to win.

Democrats are trying to help people, while Republicans are selling hurting the people that their voters hate.

The difference between the parties is why it seems like Democrats and Republicans are in different universes. It is also why the stakes for the 2022 midterm have never been higher.

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