Ravens coach John Harbaugh helped pay the bill for everyone eating at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood restaurant Tuesday night.

CBS Baltimore also reports that Harbaugh took photos with everyone who asked at the restaurant. CBS Baltimore didn’t have a specific amount, but said, “the tabs totaled at least a couple thousand dollars.” ESPN reports that there were seven families eating at the restaurant, and Harbaugh paid for the bills in secret.

When asked about it, Harbaugh told ESPN it was his wife’s plan.

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“It was 100 percent Ingrid’s idea,” Harbaugh said.

ESPN reports that Harbaugh was at the restaurant for a charity fundraiser. The charity is the Famous Fund, which is helping restaurants and bars in Baltimore. According to the charity’s website, it has raised more than $450,000. Some of those donations have come from other Ravens such as cornerback Marlon Humphrey (who donated $10,000) and offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley (who also donated $10,000).

“[Restaurant owner] John Minadakis is the hero for the fund he’s doing for local businesses hit by the pandemic,” Harbaugh said to ESPN.

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