Joe Biden said that everyone at the White House Correspondents Dinner had to prove that they were vaccinated and boosted, and every Fox News reporter was there.


Biden said that they were holding the dinner to show that America is getting through the pandemic, then he added, “everyone had to prove they are fully vaccinated and boosted and so if you are at home watching this, and you are wondering how to do that, just contact your favorite Fox News reporter. They are all here. Vaccinated and boosted!”

Biden delivered the goods and called out a constant source of Fox News disinformation. Fox hosts like Tucker Carlson continue to claim that they aren’t vaccinated, or they continue to try to discredit the vaccine that they all have taken.

The best jokes are based in truth, and Joe Biden leveled Fox News and got a big roar from the audience when he pointed out that all Fox News reporters were at the dinner which meant that they are vaccinated and boosted.


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