1/6 revealed that Jim Jordan has some experience inciting and supporting attacks on the government, so his tweet about Justice Sotomayor could be viewed as a threat.

Rep. Jordan tweeted:

Notice the word that was missing from Jim Jordan’s statement?

Rep. Jordan never mentioned the word peaceful in his tweet.

Jordan was playing into the right’s persecution complex with that old and stale chestnut that the mainstream media is full of liberals and biased against conservatives.

Rep. Jordan ignored the reality that the largest cable news network is the right-wing Fox News. The networks are all owned by corporations who bend over backward to be sympathetic to Republicans. If you don’t believe me, watch any of the Sunday news shows on broadcast television.

Jordan’s real point likely had nothing to do with the media.

Rep. Jordan wants to see protests in front of the homes of liberal Supreme Court justices.

It makes zero sense for anyone to be protesting outside of the homes of the liberal minority, but Jordan clearly didn’t think this through because his only goal was to make Republicans feel angry and paranoid about the press being out to get them.

The peaceful protesters are doing nothing wrong by making their voices heard. Jordan is trying to vilify constitutionally protected speech while hiding his attack on the Constitution behind claims of media bias.

If anyone shows up at Sotomayor’s house, they were sent by Jim Jordan.

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