The Secret Service was on the case. 

Jenna Bush Hager responded to two fans during the After Show segment of the Nov. 29 episode of Watch What Happens Live who wanted to know how her now-husband Henry Hager managed to evade the Secret Service when he snuck out of the White House early on in their relationship.

“Well, he was caught,” the Today host said while laughing. But she noted that the Secret Service was more concerned with keeping people out of the White House and weren’t terribly worried about “a 26-year-old wearing last night’s clothing.”

On the Nov. 3 episode of Today, Jenna told the whole story. At the time, she was living with her parents George W. Bush and Laura Bush in the presidential residence. 

“My parents were traveling and I was staying there,” she said. “We’d gone out to the bars and, like all relationships do, it reached a certain level. Henry said he woke up and he looked around and he was, like, ‘Aaaaaaaah’ because he worked for my dad.”

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