Jen Psaki urged people not to take Trump’s bait and accused the former president of trying to incite outrage against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.


Psaki said on MSNBC:

For a week now, we’ve been hearing that the Manhattan DA’s office may indict Donald Trump, and yesterday, Trump himself weighed in in an all-caps tirade on his social media site, Truth Social, the former president said he would be arrested on Tuesday of next week. Even more ominously, he also encouraged his supporters to quote Protest. And take our nation back, and then he doubled down with another post saying quote, Protest, Protest, Protest. If that sounds familiar to you, it really should. It is eerily similar to the language trump used before January 6th in the days leading up to it, and we all know how that ended.

That’s why it’s important to B extra vigilant about the impact his words could have but it’s also crucial not to take Trump’s bait here. He clearly wants to amplify the drama that’s the whole point the truth is, his campaign hass denied that he’s received any advanced notice from prosecutors about an arrest on Tuesday. For the moment, it doesn’t seem like he knows any more than we do.

We should also be clear about exactly what Donald Trump is trying to do here. As his legal troubles are mounting, his goal is to manufacture outrage directed at the Manhattan DA and so far, some of his allies are giving him a big old helping hand everyone from Marjorie Taylor Greene to House Speaker Kevin Mccarthy to his former Vice President Mike Pence are on the attack just like Donald Trump wants them to be.

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Trump wants to do anything necessary to prevent a criminal indictment. If that means whipping up a campaign to pressure DA Alvin Bragg, he’ll do it. If it takes inciting a violent attack, the former president has already demonstrated that he has no problem with violence against others.

The media ran with Trump’s claim that he would be arrested on Tuesday without considering that the failed former president is a liar. They allowed themselves to be manipulated by Trump again to escalate the drama and pressure the nation.

Given that witnesses are still being heard from in court today, it is unlikely that Trump will be indicted tomorrow.

Jen Psaki sees through Trump, and her insight shows how Biden was able to beat him in 2020. There seem to be two rules when it comes to Trump. Never take anything he says at face value and play into his endless need for drama.

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