Peter Doocy asked Psaki if Biden knew about the DHS disinformation governance board, and Psaki told him that the board started under Trump.


Doocy asked, “Does the president know that DHS is putting together this information governance board?”

Psaki answered:

Well Peter, I think I would note, and I’m not sure if this is been in your reporting but this is a continuation of work that was done under the prior administration, under the Trump administration, to take steps to address disinformation and address the use of disinformation in helping smugglers prompt the movement of more migrants across to the border, I would note that the first example given in the announcement about this was DHS’s work to understand how misinformation is spread by human smugglers that prey on vulnerable populations attempting to migrate to the United States

For anyone his out there he may be concerned about the increase in migrants to the border, this is the kind of apparatus that is working to address disinformation and continuing the work of the Department of Homeland Security in 2020.

Peter Doocy was no subtlety trying to spread a couple of different Fox talking points. First, Doocy asked if the President knows about the DHS board, as a way to take attention off of Trump’s J.D. Mandel gaffe.

Second, the DHS board become a favorite conspiracy theory among Republicans and the right who think that it is taking away free speech when it is trying to combat disinformation that is spread by smugglers. 

Jen Psaki understands that Doocy’s questions are used by Fox to push propaganda, so she turned the tables in her answer and made sure the world knew that the board was created by Trump.

Instead of getting some propaganda that they could use, Fox got a big helping of the truth about Trump and DHS disinformation governance board.


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