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Jackson State University recently announced two online professional accountancy programs that will begin in the fall semester. 

“Professionally the program will be the same as our university in-person programs as far as the curriculum,” said Dr. Fidelis Ikem, dean of College and Business at Jackson State in a press release. “The eight-week course will allow students to learn financial and accounting skills to prepare them for the accounting and business industry.

“The deadline to register for the accountancy classes is the same as our university registration deadline …which is Sept. 1 for traditional students and Aug. 20 for online students. The two new online programs align with JSU’s strategic student success and academic performance.” 

Courtesy of : Jackson State University College of Bussiness

Students who enroll through the school will have free admission for the fall semester, but if not the program will cost close to $3,000, the press release states. Students will also have access to a Becker CPA Readiness Program, which is sponsored by Deloitte.

“The Master of Professional Accountancy and Bachelor of Business Administration will be available for in-person learning also,” the press release states. 

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