On April 6, Ireland wrote on Instagram, “I have been called some version of fat, ugly, worthless and irrelevant by grown adults on the internet since I was a kid. It’s nothin new.”

Saying she was inspired by Camila Cabello‘s recent candor about body image, Ireland said, “I have spent way too many years starving myself, binging, purging, measuring, stepping on scales, spitting food into my purse, and all around ruining my body because some troll told me I’ll never be as thin an beautiful as my mother. Now that I made it through the EDS, I am indeed on the other side.”

After acknowledging she still has some “bad days,” she shared her new perspective: “Overall, I f–king LOVE food… like romantically. I love my body. I love the way it moves. I love how I feel in it.”

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