SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — A new tradition is unfolding in central Sioux Falls. Summer’s heat and longer days mean live music at a venue that had its first concert just three years ago. In 12 days, music will return to Levitt at the Falls. The Clover Fold is a Sioux Falls-based band who will play at the Levitt on Saturday, June 4. As far as what kind of music they play, well, why limit it to one genre?

“I call it Americana, is the first thing that comes to mind,” said Erin Castle, who sings and plays percussion in The Clover Fold. “We’re not folk, we’re not rock and roll, we’re not country, we’re kind of a blend of all of those things.”

“I like to think of it as like a folk, Americana/bluegrass, swampy folk vibe,” said Connor Pederson, who plays mandolin in the band.

“I guess I just think that music is healing, and it’s empowering, and it’s an excellent way for us to celebrate our community and all the gifts that we have,” Castle said.

“It’s just a really great way for us to get exposed out there to other people, get their ears on our music,” Pederson said.

Communication doesn’t need words.

“It’s really like a different form of communication to me, it’s like a second language,” Pederson said. “I took maybe a year of Spanish in high school, but I feel like I speak music a lot better than I can speak any other language.”

“I feel like music is the best way in my opinion to express yourself,” said Sophia Beatty of Rapid City. “Whether it’s the joy you’re feeling or sorrow or just the best way to even explain any kind of experience you have and set the mood of that experience as well.”

Beatty will perform at the Levitt on Thursday, August 18.

“I am probably the most excited I’ve ever been for a show, to be honest, I feel a little unqualified,” Beatty said. “I was looking at the list of other people, and I just feel honored that I was recommended.”

Her music isn’t confined to one distinction.

“I think I’m still trying to figure out what path I want to go down, because I honestly love all genres of music, and so even when I’m writing original music, it’s all over the place,” Beatty said. “One day I might write a country song, the next day I might write a reggae one, pop, jazz, soul, blues, it’s all over the place.”

“Music really is just sort of, it’s what I’m here to do, it’s what I have to share, it’s how I can be of service, and I feel really blessed and honored to be able to share that with people,” said Eliza Blue of Bison, located in northwest South Dakota.

Blue will play at the Levitt on Saturday, August 27.

“Oh, it feels great,” Blue said. “We’re so, so, so excited.”

She categorizes her music in a precise genre, which, of course, isn’t limited.

“I call it, I mean, I call it folk music,” Blue said. “That’s what I think it is.”

She envisions playing guitar and banjo at her upcoming Levitt show.

“I used to tour full time, and that was my main job before moving to this ranch,” Blue said. “So now I tour a lot less because I’m taking care of lambs and calves and children, human babies as well, so I don’t get to tour as much, but back in the day, yeah I was kind of on the circuit doing this.”

KELOLAND News asked each of these four what music means to them. Riffs in response to this question, like any note or chord or song or concert, don’t have a limit.

“For me, it’s just, it’s like the greatest escape, I don’t know,” Beatty said. “That’s a hard question, it could go a lot of ways.”

“I started playing violin when I was a little kid, and so it’s just been kind of part of the landscape of my life for pretty much as long as I can remember,” Blue said.

“It’s a way to get emotion out,” Pederson said. “It’s a way to get stress out, and it’s a way to communicate effectively with other people. It brings people together.”

“We know how powerful music is,” Castle said.

The upcoming opening night for Levitt at the Falls is Friday, June 3.

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