“Hey Darren props for all you do and tolerate in regards to the mailbag. I want to ask about Kyler’s maturation process. I believe he will win a Super Bowl when this happens, not if but when. But when he comes forward with a situation like the four-hour contract clause, he showed he has some way to go. I love the fact he addressed it. He straightened us all out on the fact he is not getting it done on talent alone. Thank you Kyler. But mature men never consider negative comments as criticism.”

I’m going to have to agree to disagree on this. First of all, the definition of criticism is negative comments. You can argue what is constructive or not, but they are always negative. You might be able to get a positive result out of criticism, but there is no such thing as positive criticism. Also, I don’t care what your job is or what you are being paid. If you endured essentially 72 hours of constant criticism about all facets of your life, and it was done on both a local and national stage — ESPN didn’t have a show for almost an entire week that didn’t mention Kyler if not long, harsh segments about him and the team — I’m gonna guess you’re not going to sit in the corner and just say, “You know what? It’s good for me.”

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