INDIANAPOLIS — Three people, including one juvenile, are behind bars accused of orchestrating a series of violent armed robberies this month.

Before being arrested, police believe the same suspects committed at least four robberies over the course of three weeks.

On June 3rd, a man told police he was lured to a home on west 9th street and claimed he was beaten with baseball bats by several masked suspects.  The suspects also allegedly used a blow torch to burn his legs, face and tongue before the victim escaped and ran for help.

Two days later, another man leaving a night club on Georgetown offered to give a woman a ride home before being carjacked and beaten near 10th and Tibbs.

The next week police were called to an apartment building near west 34th street for a home invasion after several armed suspects robbed and assaulted two more men at gunpoint.

Early Sunday morning on June 26th, a fifth victim and his two kids were robbed and shot at while running a taco truck.

Police claim those crimes were committed by the same group of suspects, who were tracked down and arrested at the home on 9th street on June 26th.

Police believe the bust likely prevented even more violence.

“We prevent future robberies by making arrests, because what we find with robberies in particular is the same people tend to be involved in multiple incidents,” said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley.

Court records claim Danielle Gutierrez, who also used the last name Sanchez, and her boyfriend Ronald McGarr both admitted they used juvenile friends of their 15-year-old son to commit the crimes.

Jail records show McGarr was behind bars on a domestic violence charge during the first two robberies.  A judge ordered he be released from jail on June 9th over the objection of prosecutors.

After his release, McGarr allegedly confessed to taking part in the last two robberies.

Lt. Shane Foley praised IMPD’s covert robbery team for solving the case.

He hopes the unit’s work targeting repeat violent offenders sends a message to other would be thieves.

“If you’re involved in robberies, you don’t want to do more than one because our covert robbery team will be on to you and eventually it’s going to catch up to you,” said Foley.

IMPD says the case remains an active investigation and more arrests could be made.

The two adult suspects are being held in the Marion County jail on bonds of $50,000 and $100,000. Both are due in court for an initial hearing on Wednesday.

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