INDIANAPOLIS — The mother of a 2021 homicide victim is asking for the community’s help in finding the man police believe killed her son.

Justice Wills and his friend Eric Colvin were shot and killed on the east side on June 28, 2021. Since that day, Dana Croom has worked to do whatever she can to help solve the case.

”I felt like this was the only way I could help my son,” said Croom.

Wills and Colvin were found with gunshot wounds in a car outside of an apartment complex on Woodsmall Dr.

Thursday would have been Wills’ 24th birthday, Croom and her family went to the cemetery to honor his memory.

”It’s not fair that this is where I have to come,” Croom said, looking at her son’s grave. “This is where all of his family have to come, because somebody he doesn’t even know chose to kill him.”

A musical note and bowling pins are etched onto Wills’ grave. Croom said those were two of his passions.

”There is a huge void in our family, Justice was always the life of the party,” Croom said. “He always had a big cheesy grin, he was always dancing, laughing and joking.”

Croom said she has continued to work with the IMPD detective on the case.

”Any information that I get from any of Justice’s friends or people that hear anything, I always pass that information along to the detectives,” she said.

This October, after more than a year since the crime, IMPD named a suspect in the double homicide and put out an arrest warrant for 33-year-old Lamar Ball.

IMPD said its violent crimes task force has followed every lead but not been able to track down Ball. Now police are asking for the community’s help in finding him.

”There’s so many different ways in which the community can help,” said IMPD spokesperson Sgt. Genae Cook. “Anything that they’ve seen of this person, heard of this person, maybe somebody has contact with them on social media, maybe somebody knows where he went.”

Croom said she has no idea who Ball is and doesn’t think her son knew him either. She’s asking for anyone who knows anything to reach out to police.

”This is a very violent crime and it is important the community comes together to get this man off the streets before he can harm someone else,” Croom said.

On Saturday dozens of family and friends will come together to celebrate Wills’ birthday with bowling.

”We’re hoping for someone to give us the best present we could ever ask for and give us the whereabouts of Lamar Ball,” Croom said.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Lamar Ball, call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-tips.

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