I’m a firm believer that you can dress in whatever makes you feel good no matter what your age. But that doesn’t mean to say your style doesn’t evolve with age. In my 20s, I wildly consumed an abundance of clothes and experimented with practically every trend under the sun even if they didn’t suit me. Now that I’m in my 30s and feel more comfortable in my own skin, I have a better understanding of what I like to wear and what works for me—I’m a more self-aware, savvy shopper. And while I’m always game to try new trends (I am a style-obsessed fashion editor, after all)—I tend to favor styles that I feel comfortable in, that fit into my lifestyle, and most importantly speak to my personal style aesthetic.

So with the warm-weather season fast approaching, I’m sharing some of the chic trends that appeal to me the most and are undoubtedly getting me sartorially excited this summer. Curious? Keep scrolling to take a look.

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