The Suicide Squad director James Gunn has tweeted a video featuring Idris Elba telling us about a new Bloodsport skin coming to Fortnite. You can file that in the list of sentences I was not expecting to write today, but the continued lesson is that we should never be surprised by a Fortnite crossover. And there are hints that there’s more to the collaboration than a single skin, too.

The ten-second video (hey, I assume Idris Elba is a busy guy) shows off just a few seconds of Bloodsport competing in the battle royale game. As James Gunn adds, Fortnite fans should “prepare to get some dubs.” While I am currently crawling inside my own skin and dying as a result of presenting that quote, I gotta admit the skin looks pretty cool.

The more interesting bit is that the video promises “more tomorrow”, July 29. It’s unclear what that means – maybe it’ll just be a more extensive look at the skin, or a tease of its appearance in the item shop – but it certainly seems to imply that there’s more to this crossover than just the new look.

Either way, you can check out the teaser below.

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