I Was There When…” reveals the story behind the story, with NBCLA’s seasoned journalists sharing what it was like to cover stories that changed the landscape of Southern California, and beyond.

From the reporter who was in the only car in front O.J. Simpson’s white Bronco during the pursuit in 1994, to cheating death as a wildfire ravaged a news van, these journalists have seen it all.

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Episodes List

  • The world watched police pursue O.J. Simpson. NBCLA Reporter Conan Nolan got in front of the infamous white Bronco. How he pulled it off and the moment he’ll never forget.
  • The Northridge earthquake in 1994 rocked the San Fernando Valley. NBCLA reporter Vikki Vargas shares her personal story covering the disaster and how it changed her family.
  • Two heavily armed bank robbers in body armor exchanged nearly 2,000 rounds with officers outside a North Hollywood bank on live television. NBCLA reporter Patrick Healy remembers the day LAPD was outgunned.
  • NBCLA anchor Colleen Williams was in Atlanta to cover the 1996 Olympics when a bomb went off in Centennial Park. She recounts the blast and how the team in Atlanta delivered the breaking news in the middle of the chaos.
  • NBCLA anchor Chuck Henry and photographer Kris Li cheated death when they escaped a wildfire in the San Bernardino mountains. They tell the story of how they survived, who saved them and how they lost a news van to flames.
  • NBCLA reporter Beverly White and photographer David Gregory travelled to Minneapolis to cover the death of music icon Prince. They share their personal connection to the story and the moments that stuck with them.
  • NBCLA Sports anchor Fred Roggin covered Kobe Bryant’s career, from the day Kobe was drafted to his tragic death. Fred shares his personal stories and highlights covering the biggest star in a city of stars.

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