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There are two things currently making the rounds on TikTok that I would never, ever have the nerve to scroll past. One is a giant, ooey gooey cookie, and the other is the Rasputin audio, which immediately takes me back to my glory days on Just Dance. Ah, simpler times. Anyway, I happened to come across BOTH in this video and my life is better because of it. And because I am me, I had no choice but to give this giant air fryer cookie a whirl (and also pull up the video of Rasputin from Just Dance to remind myself of this iconic choreography). 

To post a TikTok recipe video with the Rasputin audio is a bold statement — there’s a lot of pressure on the recipe to live up to the legendary song. Is the air fryer cookie as memorable as the song that I would hop around to in my basement? Time to find out.

How to Make the Giant Air Fryer Cookie on TikTok

This giant cookie takes no longer than 15 minutes total to pull together. To start, you’ll need an air fryer that has a basket shape (like this one). Then, follow these instructions:

My Honest Review of the Giant Air Fryer Chocolate Chip Cookie

Let’s get this out of the way: This was obviously delicious. Warm, half-baked cookies are heavenly, and when topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, you really can’t go wrong. Any person who tells you this is anything but absolutely divine is a person you don’t need in your life. The entire process was extremely quick and easy, and a great reminder that Nestle Tollhouse cookie dough is a superb alternative to homemade cookie dough. It felt like something my college roommates and I might whip up on a Friday night when we were too lazy to put on an outfit and go out (or just too hungover from the night before … ah, college).

This is, however, not a groundbreaking way to make a cookie: The fact that this is trending and being heralded as a groundbreaking method to bake a cookie tells me that we, as a society, do not understand what an air fryer is and how it works. An air fryer is essentially a countertop convection oven — both circulate hot air in a contained environment. So it shouldn’t be surprising or inventive that the air fryer can successfully bake a cookie.

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Air fryers have also become synonymous with crisping up foods that would typically get deep-fried, essentially creating a healthier version of them. I can’t help but wonder if people are clouded by the marketing around the air fryer and are genuinely convinced the nutritional data of this cookie is different than one you’d bake in an oven. I’m not a nutritionist, but I can positively tell you it won’t.

While this air fryer method may not cut any calories, it will save you some time. One of the obvious differences between a convection oven and an air fryer is the size. Because the air fryer is smaller, it heats up faster (and many don’t require any pre-heating). I don’t know when waiting 10 minutes for your oven to preheat became the world’s greatest inconvenience, but if the thought of turning on your oven deters you from baking cookies, then this air fryer method is definitely a nice alternative.

3 Things to Know Before You Make This Recipe

If you don’t have an air fryer, you could easily replicate this cookie in a foil-lined cast-iron skillet in an oven or over a grill. Yes, you’ll have to wait a few extra minutes for the oven or grill to heat up, but your results will be nearly the same. If you need to kill time while you’re waiting for things to preheat, I’d recommend brushing up on your Rasputin choreo.

Sara Tane


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