chichi wears black and white tank top and plaid skirt with black and white loafers and spiked bag while sitting on the ground

If you’ve scrolled through your various social media feeds over recent months, odds are you’ve probably seen a fashion person don a pair of Dolce Vita Shoes. The buzzy shoe brand has skyrocketed in popularity due to its affordable, cute, and stylish shoe options. On top of that, I’ve noticed that plus-size fashion folks or those who require a wider-width shoe have been raving about the DV’s robust selection of actually cute wide-width shoes. In recent years, I’ve been leaning into comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing footwear to accommodate my wider feet. Unfortunately, many wide-width friendly shoe styles often look dated and lackluster—until now.

As a dedicated fashion enthusiast and journalist, I decided to try out a couple of pairs of Dolce Vita’s wide-width Shoe line and see just how they really stack up once worn. Ahead read exactly what I thought about a pair of loafers and ballet flats from the brand. Lastly, keep scrolling to shop a curated selection of stunning, wide DV shoe styles.

Dolce Vita Beny Wide Flats

chichi wears dolce vita black and white beny loafer near a spiked handbag in a flat lay

(Image credit: @thechichio)